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Welcome to Steven Cox Photography

Photography is the new reality of “CURB APPEAL” in today’s online Real Estate market, and amazing first impressions are only a click away. Let me know when your listing needs the very best images, and we’ll push your marketing over the top.

Accommodating the fast-paced fluidity of Realtor scheduling, I have been specializing in Real Estate Photography, Aerial Drone Photography, and Drone Videography for more than 10 years. My professional clients have learned that I am punctual, personable, and I always deliver stunning photos on time.

Every property presents a unique professional challenge, and we need to understand the scope of the job before offering a quote. Once we’ve worked together for a while, the reasonableness of our pricing structure will become clear, along with its cost effectiveness.



Steven is very easy to work with and my clients have all found him to be very friendly and easy-going. Steven has been flexible with time frames and has been fantastic with turn around times on receiving the photos and virtual tours. He takes wonderful photos with great angles and pays attention to details, including things that are out of place. I have been very pleased with the job that Steven has done for us on our listings over many years now and would recommend him to anyone.

Jonathan Rilea, Keller Williams

My wife and I have used steve on many occasions, I have been in the Real Estate industry for over 30 years. He has shot all of my Luxury Listing and would travel where ever I needed top-notch photographs. I would highly recommend Steve for his great talent and his high integrity in everything he does.

Joe Gilmour, The Gilmour Group

Steven is an excellent photographer and I have been using him for years as my real estate photographer. He is very accommodating and professional and makes my listings look amazing. I highly recommend Steven and his company if you are looking for a great photographer that will help you get your home sold for top dollar.

Shari Dixon, Keller Williams Realty

I have used Steven Cox Real Estate Photography on several of my listings. The quality of the photos is excellent and he has the ability to show the best features of the properties. When scheduling a photo session, Steven is very flexible and prompt with processing time. If you are looking for high-quality photos for your listings, I highly recommend Steven Cox photography.

Terri Colwes, Realtor

Steven Cox is always my first call when I am ready for real estate photos. Steven produces top quality photos, virtual tours, 3D tours. And most importantly he understands the need in real estate marketing for responsive communication and flexible scheduling. He is a pleasure to work with and is an important part of my marketing program.

Peter Tichinin, C21 Select Real Estate Inc.

Steve has been an integral part of my real estate business over the last few years. His photos are wonderful. It’s a perfect mixture of light without the huge wide-angle lenses. While on my listing appointments I always show off Steve’s photos to win over the seller. Steve will be missed in our community.

Brent McCarthy, Coldwell Banker DuFour Realty

I have had immeasurable success using Steven Cox as my real estate photographer. I feel that my listings are properly represented due to his keen eye and phenomenal photography work, and that translates to quicker sales at a better selling price for my sellers. I get many more “hits” on Zillow and Realtor.com as well! If you want an edge over the competition, make the professional choice in choosing Steven Cox to get you amazing results!

Jay Sableman, Almanor Brokers

Steven Cox Real Estate Photography is the ultimate professional! He can size up a property to shoot in its best light! Steven knows how to highlight attributes while capturing the property in its true essence. He is easy to work with, responsive (text/phone calls) and he's dependable. He is great with clients yet can work solo accessing properties. I trust Steven to get the very best shots that definitely help Sellers receive maximum sales price. Buyers are presented with a beautiful portfolio that looks just as fantastic when they get to see it in person. Steven provides plenty of photos for best showcasing. He typically has a quick (24 hour) time. Steven Cox Real Estate Photography in one word: Excellence!

Stacey Gibson, Home Staging Professional

Love working with Steven...quality photos, easy to schedule with, and quick turnaround!

Luci Hawes

Steven has taken our listing photos for the past 5+ years and we can’t thank him enough for always making our listings shine through his creative photography. Our sellers have always loved the pictures of their home and with Steven’s photography knowledge, he always knows the best way to make a home stand out. Steven has been a valuable part of our team, for many years, and we are going to miss him. We wish Steven much success in Idaho, and he will be a great asset to the Idaho real estate community.

Cheryl & Kristina, Parkway Real Estate Co.

As a realtor in the Lake Almanor area, I have employed the services of Steven Cox at Chico Real Estate Photos for several years. Steven’s ability to capture and showcase the key features of a variety of different types of homes, along with the virtual tour he provides, is a valuable asset to me when marketing my listings.  His professional service is prompt and reliable, and an essential resource for myself and my clients.

Sadie Benny, Lake Almanor Brokers

Steven is incredible. He not only takes great photos, but he is quick on his turnaround time, his availability, gets along with my clients, and cares about the quality of his photos. He makes suggestions and goes above and beyond what any other photographer has done for us. I am extremely sad to see him go because I'm not certain that I can find another photographer that will give me the level of service that I have had from Steven the last 5 years.

Alisha Simpkins, Keller Williams Realty

I have used Steven Cox to shoot photos of my listings for years. He is easy to work with, delivers amazing photos, and is dependable! He also works wonderfully with my clients and they give me very positive feedback about him and what a nice professional he is. As a real estate agent that is of critical importance to me when sending someone into a client's home. I have always appreciated that if I needed a photo cropped or want any special features spotlighted he's happy to help. He also helps if there are any questions on getting his photos to my listings. I just plain and simple appreciate and value his photography. He definitely helps me sell houses! Thanks, Steven.

Heidi Wright, Coldwell Banker

Steve Cox has been my photographer in Chico, CA for years.  Being in the Real Estate profession, I have had much need of his services, so I can speak confidently that he is an awesome photographer!  In addition to his expertise, he has always been extremely diligent, professional, on time, and communicative on each occasion.  He will be missed in the Chico, CA Real Estate industry.  Good luck Steve!

MaryAnn Scott, Coldwell Banker

Steven is an amazing photographer. He understands real estate and what we need as agents to get our homes sold. His photography is amazing. My Clients all love his work. The way that he markets our listing and shows how many people are viewing our listings for sale is priceless because this is something we can email to our clients and it makes them happy to see all of the views they are getting on their properties. I would highly recommend Steven. He is wonderful to work with and my clients who have met him say what a wonderful man he is. I have also had steven do drone photography for me and it is highly effective for real estate as well. I love his virtual tours that he creates for us. If you're looking for a way to sell more properties as an agent I would give Steven a call.

Lorie Rogers, Coldwell Banker Kehr/O'Brien Real Estate

I have had the pleasure of doing business with Steven Cox and his amazing photography for several years. Steven has the ability to capture a home's beauty and present the most stunning and organized viewing of photos that I have ever seen in this industry. Anyone viewing the photos knows exactly where they are in the home based on his chronological order of taking photos, and can really get a sense of being in the home through photos! I have done business with other photographers over the years, and have yet to see the quality of work that he consistently puts out. Hands down best in the industry!

Renee Ratekin

Steven and I have worked together for many years. he has never failed to make me look good to my clients by providing excellent photography work. Always on time! Great with clients. I would strongly recommend his services.

Julie Rolls, REMAX

I am a real estate broker so getting great photos of my listings are essential. I try to go above and beyond my clients' expectations to do whatever it takes to make the homes look fantastic. I stage nearly every home I list because I believe that is the way to get the listing sold as quickly as possible for the most money. Most houses are first seen on the internet. If they don't attract the buyer's attention there, it doesn't matter how great the property looks in person.

I worked with several photographers before I found Steven Cox. Other photographers took professional pictures, but he was the only one that really understood what I was trying to do with my photos. He adds as much to my listings as staging does. I have never been disappointed with his work. He is genius at seeing what I am trying to accomplish and capturing it in photos. He is personable, punctual, and professional. He understands the insanity of real estate and has always been able to accommodate the changing needs of the many moving pieces with a smile.

iPhones take such wonderful pictures that you might be tempted to just take pictures yourself. It seems so easy and inexpensive. Do yourself a favor and call Steven instead. He will add twice the value of what you spend on his services.

Donita Jacoboni

Steven has photographed my real estate listings for over six years. His work has consistently exceeded my expectations. He finds a way to capture the "feeling" of each space he shoots in a way other photographers don't. I often get complimented by clients on how Steven's photos are a true representation of their home. He is punctual, professional, and extremely reliable.

Rob Haley, Keller Williams Realty

I have been working with Steven Cox for the past 5 years. Steven has always been one of my top "go-to" photographers for marketing my listings. His photos always stand out on the MLS and all of the syndications like Zillow, Realtor.com, and Redfin as professionally taken photos, and Steven's best skills are superior lighting effects, vantage point, and thoroughness of capturing a property's attributes.

In addition to having the proper camera equipment and editing software, he is fast, reliable, soft-spoken and kind, and always brings a smile to the client's and agent's face. As a listing specialist, Steven has been a key member of my marketing team.

Lori Akers, Parkway Real Estate Co

Steve Cox is the only photographer I have used for years! I don’t list a home or piece of property until Steve has photographed it, as it makes a huge difference in my marketing. His pictures are very realistic, the room sizes aren’t deceiving and he has a knack for making the homes look extra beautiful! Steve is always willing and available when I need him and his turnaround time is extremely fast. In the business, time is of the essence and I’m thankful Steve has been a big part of my business.

Heather Cooper, Keller Williams

I have been a Realtor for 22 years and have used Steven to photograph my listings for years. Steven is very reliable, timely, and very professional. He can make a trailer look like a million bucks. It makes me sad to lose him but Idaho will be getting a gift.

Sherrie O. C21 Select Real Estate Inc.

Steven Cox is my go-to for Real Estate photos. He is so easy to work with, both for me and for my clients! He is quick to respond to photo scheduling requests, is flexible, and always works around any hiccups on my end that might require a reschedule. He also has a very fast turn-around time. He usually has photos to my inbox by the next day, sometimes even the same day as the day to shoots them! Steven's photos are high quality and represent my clients' properties beautifully and accurately, which is key in getting the highest price and fastest sale for my clients!

Christina Souther, RE/MAX of Chico

Steven is my go-to real estate photographer. His talent in capturing each property's best features is second to none. He uses his experience and creativity to deliver beautiful photos and video. What is also very important to me as a real estate broker, is that Steve is very professional. He shows up on time and even early sometimes and provides the photos quickly, most often the same day.

I highly recommend Steven for all your real estate photography needs, photos, 3D imaging, and videos.

Kristin Pankhurst

Steven has an excellent eye for capturing what is unique and special for every home! He arrives promptly and prepared and makes homeowners feel comfortable and cared for. I highly recommend him for his professionalism and skill!

Wendi Durkin, BHHS Lake Almanor Real Estate